there is something you need to know.

i lied

when you asked me if i was leaving you for someone else and i said no

i'm sorry, it wasn't the truth

'cause i did

i began to love someone else

and as it happened, i fell out of love with you

day by day, bone by bone

— slowly
'cause i wasn't sure at first

like weather in this city
and how it always tricks us

you think birds ever get confused? —

and then one day i knew

i just loved her more

she deserved me more, too

she would be here for me in more ways than you ever had or wanted to

and you see, i was giving her no fighting chance before

— how could I, when my heart was so so yours? —

but i couldn't live another day ignoring someone who needed more

who was giving me so much fucking more

thing is darling

— and i know by now you've got it all wrong —

that person was me

all along.

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