slam poetry #2

and there he goes again
off to break someone else's heart

and does that poor girl know
she ought to be scared?
does that poor little thing know
she should be prepared?

listen to me,
he will not love you
he can't,
he doesn't know how to

he will feed on you
until you're broken

he will lie to you
until you're broken

he will put you down
until you're broken

until there is nothing left to break
but everything left to fix
girl, you better try to find a little bit of strenght
that's the least

I know he won't let you

I know you will feel dead inside
when he talks to you
when he touches you
and even breathes close to you

I know

listen, girl

there will come a time, I promise

when he won't make a difference in your heart
the one you will have to scratch out of the floor
after being so many times stepped over
the one you might not fully recover

and you wonder

will the pain ever go away?
will I ever, ever be okay?

girl, let him

let him do as he pleases
let him make you believe you are crap
let him believe you could never be mad

let him rape you one night
and even strike your face some other time

let him
don't say no

but one day
let him


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