a guy once told me I make too much noise
"please stop that, it sounds fake
it gets hard for me to concentrate"

I told him it was as real as it could be,
that I was just tired of being quiet
when there was absolutely no need

— I like noisy sex
I like girls who scream when it feels so good they can't help it
and men that grunt and breath heavily as they thrust as hard as one can get it —

so try and concentrate on this:
a slap so hard its sound waves bounces on the walls
neighbours who will look at you weird when you meet them on the halls

oh baby, I tell him
you are wrong;

there's nothing faker than keeping it in
when you've wanted it for so long.

Um comentário:

Lu disse...

Gabi, você é uma das poucas pessoas que consegue escrever sobre sexo de um jeito tão honesto e real e charmoso. :)