slam poetry #3

I had a terrible week and I miss you
and yes I know that it's silly, but
I wanna tell you everything
from where it hurts to where it tickles

I want to warn you that I'm all tears
that I will hide inside my fears
and grey
has been my favourite colour
for years

I want to show you how I think
small things
make no one as happy as me,
and hold your hand despite
guitar strings that grew
calluses on my fingertips

I want to take you out
and stop being half a choice
I'm sick of being quiet
pretending I don't have a voice

I want kisses in daylight
maybe you'll like me
when it's not dark

sex is fun if it's just that
but this is tearing me apart.

2 comentários:

Elf Pie disse...

curti, bonitinho

Nathália von Arcosy disse...

it's as beautiful as painful...