your fault.

i want to think of you
and remember how we were nothing
less than beautiful

i want to be grateful
for every laugh undercover,
every piece of each other
we discovered,
everything we were
before we were

but tell me how am i supposed to
feel anything
but lied to

when maybe i wouldn't have fallen
if you hadn't streched
a safety net so wide open
in your bed

if you hadn't made me feel like i could jump
right in
'cause you were there;

you made a fool of me

but i was not wrong for falling
i was not wrong for thinking this time
felt different
i was not wrong for growing poems
and melodies
in the garden you built in me

i was not wrong.

(still I think about what we could have had
it's hard to leave it just at that
you are a coward
but i still dream of you every night)

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