slam poetry #4

she's a nice girl with a beautiful smile
and you look so happy together, you do
I can't help but think that we shouldn't
be sneaking around like fools
but I can't stay away from you

and I know too well how it feels
to be cheated on;
to have you heart ripped out
and stepped on;
and I also know the names they'll call me
if they find out
— slut, liar, whore —
but I can't stay away from you

and it's not that I need you
because I don't
it's not that I'm in love with you
because I'm not
maybe it's not knowing what draws me to you
that keeps me coming back for more, well
but I can't stay away from you

and I didn't start it
you didn't start it, truth is
we both started it
and I don't know what it is that makes us
always start it
but we can't blame alcohol anymore
it has been too many times
and though it's never been right

I can't stay away from you.

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