Dear L. and R.,

I've been spending lots of time trying to start this. I didn't know how to tell both of you that I was leaving, so I just did.

To begin with, Love, we've spent too much time together the past few years and it never really worked out. And you, Rage, deep inside you always knew the clock was ticking for us and someday we would be parted. Besides, the three of us could never live together. Our situation left me in a position where I had to pick one, when I couldn't. I wanted to have you both, but it wasn't possible. Our relationships happened in different times, not only for me but for all of us. I was so young when Love and I met, and way to immature and needy when I fell for Rage.

I didn't want to be who I was anymore, so I left in hopes of finding Happiness. I'd never met It before, but everybody always told me It was nice and warm. After a while, I gave up searching. I think that's why Happiness ended up finding me.

I'm writing this because I no longer feel guilty for leaving you and because I wanted to finally say goodbye.

Know you're always with me, Love, for I'm in love now; and you, Rage, for desire sometimes makes us desperate. I hope that whatever it is you both need, that it ends up finding you, too.

Take care,


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Lygia Carvalho. disse...

Muito bom e criativo. :*

yara b . disse...

okays, me fez chorar. :*

Vicky Doretto disse...

Uhn, hoje to com preguiça de usar meu english, mas volto amanha e leio tá?
rs ^-^

bjão e boa semana

Cáh... disse...

Passei pra dizer que tem selinho p vc!!!


Leandro Luz disse...

Nem sei mais o que comentar!

já estou seguindo aqui!