- No, don't do this! Be mad at me! Say you hate me! Say I had no right to change the rules of our game, please! Say you never want to talk to me again! Don't be nice to me, I don't desearve it!
- What for? There were never rules, there was never a game. I want you to be happy.
- Don't... please. You know I wouldn't be able to do the same for you. Not that I don't want you to be happy, but... I wish you would be happy with... me. I know we could never be together, but still, somehow we are... were...
- But now you've found someone you can really be together with. You shouldn't feel guilty.
- What if you find someone else too?
- Then we'll both be happy. And maybe someday we'll go back to each other.
- What if... what if by then you don't want me anymore?
- Maybe you won't want me.

- I hope that happens. So we can both be free.
- You can't tell, but we have always been.

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Leandro Luz disse...

É impressionante como o inglês disfarça um pouco algo tão dramático como esse texto!

Fuve disse...

tem um selo pra você no meu blog.

Brenda Matos disse...

Amay, Gabi.

E, nossa, me apaixonei pela sua playlist.


Diogo disse...

me identifiquei com esse post =p

Anônimo disse...

sinto tanto sua falta